An exclusive and impressive perfomance of works of two russian painters from Nizhny Novgorod - Natalia Pankova and Galina Kakovkina was shown at Das Russische Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur in Berlin. Read and watch our official report here.

Natalia Pankova, Artist

NATALIA PANKOVA was born  in the former Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod) and graduated from Gorky Art College and Moscow External University for the Humanities, with a Master`s degree in Art History.

She is a Russian artist, art manager, member of the Russian Union of Artists, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Nizhny Novgorod "Russian Art Foundation".

Natalia is Counsellor to the Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod.

Natalia Pankova is a painter, who has twice  been honoured of Nizhny Novgorod Award and the New Intelligentsia Award of the Moscow News Publishers and the Culture Award winner of “Person of the Year 2013” held by Delovoy Kvartal Publishing House.

Her first personal exhibition, held in 1989, was a success. Since that time Natalia has been a constant participator of art events in Russia and abroad.

The first painting she sold enriched the collection of Mr. Chudnovsky, a well-known collector from Saint Petersburg who possessed the best works of Russian artists of the early 20th century (Kandinsky, Malevich, Lentulov and other).

In the years 2008-2009 Natalia Pankova (with the second name spelling  as "Pankowa" in German) participated at the Dorotheum Auction in Vienna, Austria.
The paintings that Natalia has sold are represented at Blouin Art Sales Index.

Paintings by Natalia Pankova’s are held in collections of the Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Fine Arts, the Mordovia State Museum of Fine Arts, the Chuvashia State Fine Arts Museum, the Algerian State Museum of Fine Arts, as well as private collections of Margaret Thatcher, Alain Juppe, Boris Nemtsov, Frederik Philips, Baroness Smith, member of the House of Lordsand, the great musicians: Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya, Yury Bashmet, Vladimir Spivakov and meny others... Read more about Natalia


My Favorit Color, 70x70, 2014 Sunflowers, 70x70, 2014 Cafe, 60x60, 1990 Black Cat, 80x80, 2009 Yellow Bird, 80x80, 2013

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GALINA KAKOVKINA (Matisova) is a painter from Nizhniy Novgorod and is a participant of numerous Art exhibitions and projects in Russia and abroad.
Her creative biography began with regional exhibition in 1976.

In 1987 at an exhibition in Moscow at VDNKh - All-Russian Exhibition
Centre - one of Galina's works gained a medal.

Galina Kakovkina, Artist

Some paintings were purchased by The Vladimir-Suzdal state historical, architectural and art museum-reserve.

In 1987 Galina Kakovkina with friends established the creative association "Cherniy Prud", which played a considerable role in the cultural life of the province and returned public interest to true, independent art. These years Galina had great personal exhibitions in Nizhniy Novgorod and cities in the Volga regions.

In 1990 Galina Kakovkina took part in the big projects "Other generation" and "Other generation-2", that gathered the best artists from the Volga region, whose creative work did not belong to the system of "socialistic realism".

In 1995-1996 the Gallery "Caryatid" showed the series of Galina's personal exhibitions "Walk in the Garden"and others. "Walk in the Garden" exhibition opened the theme of road in Kakovkina's art. The Road as the symbol of the path life and the end of it as meeting with the Unknown excites the artist very much.

In 1999 Nizhniy Novgorod State Art Museum presented an exhibition named "Composition with the Road", where author continues to reflect upon symbols of time gone by (series "Russian Landscape").

In 1998 Nizhniy Novgorod Exhibition Center held Galina's personal exhibition "Light. Fragments", in which she tries to identify light as the mystical category... Read more about exhibitions.

Galina Kakovkina has her own, original, easily identifiable style in art. It is characterized by a search for harmony, vital atmosphere, rich fantasy in color use.    


Sea under Snow, 60x80, 2003 Gust, 70x90, 2009 Road across the Hills Wind, 60x80, 2004 Cities landscape, 80x100, 1995
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Elena Ahlmark-Representative of Natalia Pankova and Galina Kakovkina in Scandinavia and Germany, Honorary member of the "Russian Art Foundation" Project management, consulting, marketing:
Elena Ahlmark - Representative of Natalia Pankova and Galina Kakovkina in Scandinavia and Germany, Honorary member of the “Russian Art Foundation”
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