March 16, 2016, Berlin, Germany

Art exhibition Spring Holidays/Frühlingsferien took recently place at Russian Centre of Science and Culture ("Russian House") in Berlin.

The exhibitors - the painters Natalia Pankova and Galina Kakovkina are two personalities, two individuals, two representatives of the Russian cultural elite.

This exhibition was unique and special in itself because it was their “first swallow” in Germany for the artists; this was their own spring holidays in Berlin and their wish was to show their own individual differences while being together, to have joy in personal contact with each other and with the visitors to the exhibition by watching, talking, discussing...

There were many interesting people at the opening ceremony and during the following two weeks of the Exhibition: official, friends, visitors, artists, journalists from Russia, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, etc.

Natalia and Galina are different in character, in temperament, in the palette of colors, in the play of light and shadows but they are unified by their great talents, by the ability to give joy and possibility to think, dream and to create stories, born in our hearts by the meeting with Galina’s and Natalia’s Universes.

We were very glad to be together, to meet old friends, to create a new ones while meeting representative of Germans galleries, art dealers and just simple admirers of the Beautiful Arts.

The result of “Spring Holidays” was a big public success; a new step for Natalia and Galina at the European art market (a number of paintings were sold to private collections); new contacts were created, interest in them from private and professional art groups multiplied and the possibility for new exhibitions, vernissages, presentations in Russia and in Europe increased considerably.

We continue our journey into a Big Art!

All rights to pictures belong to © Natalia Pankova © Galina Kakovkina © Ahlmark KonsultFirma  


Natalia Pankova

Galina Kakovkina

Russian House

Project management with the artists and journalists from Russia and France

Natalia Pankova, Galina Kakovkina and Elena Ahlmark before the opening of the exhibition

Russian Centres Deputy Director Alexander Anisimov welcomes the exhibition

The opening ceremony.
Elena Ahlmark makes a speech 

Artists and friends-1

Artists and friends-2

Artists and friends-3

Conversation with journalists Svetlana Shashina-Mouches and Natalia Aleshina

Galina Kakovkina with  Jürgen Maiwald




Natalia Pankova and Alexander Anisimov

Galinas painting

"Talants and Admierers"

Artist Valeri Mo is one of the visitors of the exhibition

Galina Kakovkinas "Segelboat" with Elena Ahlmark

Natalia Pankova "Poppies"

Natalia Pankova "Two birds"

Natalia Pankova "Summer Still Life"

Natalia Pankova "Red square"

Galina Kakovkina "Forest"

Galina Kakovkina "Morning"

Galina Kakovkina "Purple Twilight"

Galina Kakovkina "Glass Vessel"

Galina Kakovkina "Sea"

Galina Kakovkina "Boat at Kerzhenets"

Galina Kakovkina "Storm"

Galina Kakovkina "Morning hills"

Natalia Pankova "Seven directions of the world#3"

Natalia Pankova "Summer Rhythmus#2"

Natalia Pankova "Seven directions of the world#1"

Natalia Pankova "Seven directions of the world#4"

Natalia Pankova "Sunny irises"

Natalia Pankova "When I fly#1"

Natalia Pankova "Flower Valley"

Natalia Pankova "When I fly#4"